Writing about the poem Rocky Mountain Railroad Epiphany by Luci Shaw, Malcolm Guite compares our views of the world to transient glimpses through the window of a train passing through the mountains:

As finite beings we only have ‘window-minds’, through which we must learn to see with proper humility, always knowing that what we pass through, and what passes through us, is a partial and incomplete glimpse of something greater than ourselves. Reality is:

  all too complicated
  for capture in a net of words.

Malcolm Guite

In these posts I’ve tried to share my attempts to make sense of the world around me, blending pictures and words. Any insights I’ve achieved will inevitably be partial, flawed and open to other interpretations, but this is only in the nature of our true relationship with a complex reality in constant flux.

I’d love to hear about the ways that my views may have resonance, concordance or dissonance with yours. I would request that anything you send aims to build and develop, not tear down, or tear apart. If you’d like to use any of the images or ideas in these posts I’d love to hear about it. And please do mention me—David Alderson at—that’s only polite.


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