True Cut – a radio play

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A hospital operating theatre suite


MR JO KNOWLES: a surgical trainee, age 30
MISS ANDREA ERICSSON: a consultant surgeon, age 45
DR ‘VEE’ GOTSKI: an associate specialist anaesthetist, age 55
SISTER JEAN LAVE: a theatre nurse, age 40
MRS CHRISTINE ANDERSON: a teacher, age 30

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True Cut blends verbatim text with fictional reconstructions based on the playwright’s 30 years of clinical practice.

The main sources for the verbatim scenes are interviews with hospital staff carried out by the author.

Additional material is used by permission from:


Leilani Schweitzer

Transparency, Compassion, and Truth in Medical Errors


Susan Scott and others (University of Missouri’s forYOU Team)

The natural history of recovery for the healthcare provider “second victim” after adverse patient events.

Qual Saf Health Care. 2009;18:325-330.


Shelly Luu and others

Waking up the next morning: surgeons’ emotional reactions to adverse events.

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Verbatim scenes are indicated by font and colour. Here the characters attempt to tell the story as they see it: expressing their personal memories and reflections as if in a private conversation with a member of the audience.


Direct quotes that form part of the more naturalistic scenes are marked: “”


The script reproduced here is taken from the radio play version of True Cut


© 2019 David Alderson

All rights reserved


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